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Don’t believe me huh? Then feast your doubting eyes. February 2, 2006

Posted by Pontiff in city planning, nashville, NashvillesNews.net, Pontification, trial lawyer, Urban Planning, Usability.
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Calling all trial lawyers in Nashville!!
Hey!!! You!! That’s right you there behind the ambulance…..

Over here!the sign

So its probably good I didn’t go to law school. I’m really too simple minded for the profession. Lawyers are all right handed. They would say this is a pity but not something you can sue the city over. Besides even if you could someone has to die first. I believe this kind of thing is a lawsuit waiting to happen. I mean people are sued (and found liable) because they have a swimming pool in their back yard that doesn’t have a pad lock when some wino drowns while fleeing an attempted armed robbery after drinking a bottle of tequila . MacDonald’s is liable for scalding some woman’s crotch with 8000 degree coffee even when they have a huge sign saying “This Coffee is Very HOT.”

So why is the city not liable and suable [sic] when the inevitable occurs? No doubt tragedy will stricke while a left handed person is day dreaming and gets confused by the existence of this sign and believes it has some meaning in terms of crossing the street. Is the city of Nashville not at fault when they erect THE STUPIDEST SIGN EVERY CREATED FOR THE PURPOSE OF HELPING PEOPLE CROSS THE STREET IN THE WORST TRAFFIC ON EARTH?

It gets worse.

.bank_of_nashville_sideThis is the view for pedestrians on the other side of the street.

If there was some benefit to this, the stupidest sign on Earth in the worst traffic on Earth, then it’s surely lost to people on the exact (not diagonal but directly across ) side of the street who also could derive some benefit from a sign. And indeed they do have such a sign only it is facing the WRONG WAY.

Now when I say this is the worst traffic on Earth people who’ve never driven through Green Hills probably think I’m using hyperbole or exageratting. I’m not THIS IS THE WORST, MOST HORRID, TRAFFIC IN THE SOLAR SYSTEM AND ITS NOT ENOUGH THAT THE EXISTENCE OF PEDESTRIANS IS ACTIVELY IGNORED IN NASHVILLE THEY’RE DIRECTING THEM INTO TRAFFIC WITH SIGNS POINTED THE WRONG WAY.

So while the city has all the legal and bungling protections the Supreme Court can bestow do all these businesses? Do they have any responsibility to at least write a letter or email someone about the stupidest sign on Earth in the worst traffic on Earth.