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Tagging = Mofoo cubed March 15, 2006

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“But seriously now. If you are serious about using the web and getting the most out of it .. you are aren’t you? I mean I need to know if you are because if your aren’t a serious web user who is willing to make the sacrifices needed to … I might look bad talking to you. Worse I might lose precious mofoo I’ve spent weeks accumulating. So please tell me. We can still be friends only in the non-blogging world… you know.”

“Pontiff why are you so angry? I just said that if you want to get the most from your web experience you need to start tagging. Why did that send you around the bend again? Dude you’ve got to get a grip.”


Web 2.0 = mofoo bullshit March 15, 2006

Posted by Pontiff in mofoo, Pontification, tags, Usability, user interface.
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There’s a lot of yadda yadda about Web 2.0 and blogs being the new way to talk to your customers. Add in all the blogger’s congratulating each other for being cool and part of the “new conversation” one couldn’t be faulted for believing it. But the truth is its not really a conversation the way most people envision it nor is much of this all that usefull to anyone …. yet.

It will get there no doubt but I fear the arrival is terribly slowed by the amount of victory dancers crowding the halls effectively barring the new blood with much needed new thinking . Forging something really useful for normal folks requires an influx of people who don’t spend their time sucking up to other online denizens whom they believe posses mofoo (foo foo dust and mojo) which can be bestowed if only they can copy and and paste enough verbal groveling and genuflecting me tooisms.

The quest for Mofoo is the substance powering this web resurgence and no doubt about it will be the gum to grind things to a halt.

A conversation implies that one can interrogate the other and receive useful information in return. It also implies to me at least a shortcut to formal learning or coursework in order to gain insight into a problem. One has a conversation with ones doctor for instance. “Hey doc, I have a runny nose and feel like shit, what do I do?”

These days that conversation would end up with a prescription but very little useful information. Why? Well have you had a conversation with your doctor lately? No? You mean they don’t return phone calls and you end up trying to explain yourself to a hostile semi literate office worker whose main job is to tell you to call during office hours which are 10 AM to 1:45 PM Monday, Wednesday and every other Friday except in August when the office is closed except for an hour on Thursday.

Well that’s the modern world and thankfully we have the internet to help. I mean I have a runny nose and feel like shit so I decided to find out about this drug called Zyrtec. I could have called my doctor but it was after 2:00 PM and I wasn’t up for the battle with the “medical office worker” skilled at keeping you at bay till you get better or die of other causes.Web 2.0 to the rescue. Right?

I can tune in to the “conversation” on some cool blog with lots of mofoo. Right? Mofoo dudes and dudettes will give me great insights and real human experiences others just like me have had with Zyrtec. So how do I plan to tune into mofoo central? I’m not a search expert because being a search expert is the same thing as doing research and that is the same thing as work. Work is what you do at the office. The net is supposed to be where you get mofoo embued folds clamoring to have a ‘conversation’ regarding your everyday thoughts, feelings and experiences.

I”m not looking for information on how to combat the bite of a south American Bugubugoobo snake but just some info on how to stop a runny nose and if maybe just maybe Zytec could help. Google Blog search to the rescue.

Feast your eyes o seekers of Mofoo and blogging bohemians:.

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The same kind of garbage comes up on Technorati and the worst was on Icerocket. Icerocket not coincidentally is also the blog search enjine with the most Mofoo.

So the word ‘useless’ keeps popping to mind. It took a few hours — really no shit — but I got some info that was sort of useful. For all you mofoo seekers who think you can get some by pointing out something stupid like “hey, if you knew X, Y or Z you would have done R, P or N” then guess what? You can in fact get mofoo that way. Saying stupid and obvious things in ‘conversations’ with other like minded people (there are about 1400 dedicated mofoo seekers and bestowers on Earth which falls short of the 300 million people who use email and sometimes search the web) is a sure fired way to get more mofoo. But my point is that I shouldn’t have to know R, P or N in order to use Web 2.0. It should work without special secret knowledge. I should be able to use common search or at least one of the specialized mofoo search engines staffed with cool cats who can ‘ tag’ and other things to fill up all the free time left on Earth to get real information and be able to easily filter out all the mofoo bullshit being put out on blogs.

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