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Bellsouth Has a Plan to Ruin The Internet January 20, 2006

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Really they do. And they want to carry it out.

WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) — BellSouth Corp. confirmed Monday that it is pursuing discussions with Internet content companies to levy charges to reliably and speedily deliver their content and services.

They’ve figured out that people use only a few big services and further research has shown people want them fast and reliably. The conclusion is typical. They figure that if everyone uses Google why bother with the little Google wannabe that just clogs up the net. Plus.. we — Bell-headed-South — can charge more and do less which has been our mantra for 15 years.

They don’t care and I’m beginning to thing couldn’t figure out that Google didn’t really exist just 5 years ago. Had Bellsouth been in charge it probably wouldn’t exist now because they would have made it so hard to access and slow to load no one would have given it a chance.

Bell-headed ever further -South has had quite the year. They’ve spearheaded a campaign of fear and intimidation against small town America with their wireless lawsuits. When the feds rebuffed their ridiculous petitions for protections they engaged in a campaign to lobby corrupt state legislatures to convince them to pass laws against their own people using wireless to address Bellsouth’s crappy and nonexistent services. Further I think this effort was probably illegal on antitrust grounds.

Obviously such behavior it is unethical if it isn’t illegal. Bellsouth has a corporate policy against ethics. They demonstrated this in the aftermath of Katrina by reneging on an offer to donate an unused building to the people of New Orleans after learning the city was going to implement free wireless in an attempt to lure business back to their flood ravaged downtown.

Now they’ve shown they are all for slowing down the speed of technological advancement with their anti-wireless campaigns. (Actually they are just slowing down their customer’s access to technology services but nothing new there as they can’t supply DSL to their customers anyway.) But this latest is a new one. They want to turn back the clock. They want to revert to an era before the internet by destroying the internet and making arbitrary decisions as to who you would have access to on the net. They of course would decide based on whatever crazy, venal and ignorant criteria of the Bell-headed toward disaster-South management de jour.


Got a call from Bellsouth December 21, 2005

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NOTE: More on Bellsouth can be found  here.

It was from the Office of the President no less. Who said no one but bloggers reads blogs? Maybe it was from the investor relations question I asked but I don’t know how a question about their lack of technical competence would end up at the Office of The President of Bellsouth.net (the internet division of Bellsouth I think).

We’re not talking about the customer relations part of Bellsouth for they don’t have that. I’m sure they have a dept. Probably it’s a door with a sign appearing to lead somewhere but in reality there isn’t anyone there who considers it their job to think about such stuff.

In a nutshell that is what the office of the president tried to do with me. Show me a door with a sign to prove they care.


24 hours and no answer. Investor relations Bellsouth style. December 9, 2005

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NOTE: This is a continuation from the other blog here. 

Bellsouth has disdain from it investors or potential investors. Either that or they are incompetent in extremis when it comes to basic courtesy. No answer yet and its been 24 hours. When was the last time you waited 24 hours to call someone who wanted to give you money?

Simple question for Bellsouth. Waiting for a replay. December 9, 2005

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NOTE: This is from my other blog but it makes more sense here.

It’s simple enough really. Why can’t they supply DSL to customers in the middle of their service areas? What is the technical problem that cable doesn’t seem to have? Why do they feel they have any chance in hell of surviving the next 5 years if they can’t overcome these problems right now?

So I asked them the question below on the website where it has a nice little questionnaire for “investor relations.”

Okay so it’s somewhat deceptive that I checked “prospective investor” on the form. I wasn’t given another option however. It would have been a lie to say presently an investor and the other options didn’t apply either so this was the closest. We’ll see what they have to say.

Yes, I am trying to analyze your company and its future prospects relative to cable providers who offer similar services. I live in your service area — right in the middle of Nashville by the way — and want to subscribe to your broadband service. Many of my neighbors can get DSL but for some reason I cannot. I’m wondering if this is a system wide problem or if we are an isolated instance where you cannot provide DSL. My phone number in case you can figure this out is 615-xxx-xxxx. I rarely use it — mainly I use cell and VOIP — so you can contact me at the number provided above.

While I fully expect to get no answer I wouldn’t be surprised by any of the following.

1. Total Jive
2. Partial Jive
3. Incomprehensible Jumble and Jive
4. Ingenuous double talk on the part of a low level manager who has no idea what he or she is talking about.
5. A form letter that is generated by a web script.