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Calling Names

When I use terms like ‘clown’, ‘incompetent’, ‘bozo’, ‘butthead’ and so on it isn’t directed against anyone. Not really. “How is that possible” you ask?

I never know what I’m talking about in the first place .  When I call someone a clown its against the person in charge of X or Y. There usually isn’t a person in charge which is my point.

An example of how I use the word ‘clown’ would be to describe the person in charge of quality control at Bellsouth. If for some reason that person exists I don’t their name at the time of the clown expletive. I assume btw that once they realize the problem they, — clown in charge — will  corrected it. So in the examble I use — Bellsouth — the quality control person would have to fire the senior executive staff.  At that point they will no longer be a clown. I am not going to correct my use of the light expletive becasue at the time I wasn’t directing it against any particular person no matter how clownlike they may have been. I mean that.

So don’t take it personally if you read this and you find yourself clowned. Send me an email and introduce yourself. You will now be the gentleman or gentlewoman in charge of X. Plus tell my why I’m wrong.



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