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Unbundled content for real May 18, 2006

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I just noticed something I didn't think was working yet. The Tipit actually travels from site to site in the bloggers RSS feed. I think this is what Terry Heaton is talking about regarding the unbundled web.

Follow this link to a post by Elizabeth Perry. Notice the Tipit logo at the bottom. Elizabeth is one of the Pittsburghsnews.com bloggers and probably among the best 10 artist offering work on the net openly accessible to all. Note this does not mean free and it does not mean it isn't copyrighted.

That post is on Socialistsytem which is our internal blog for employees to keep up with what's going on with the other sites. Now what's nice about this is that the Tipit part of the feed originated back on Pittsburghsnews.com and will stay with her feed as long as its picked up by relatively up to date sites that process RSS 2.0.

The content originates and stays on her site .

This may seem confusing but its not. Her content is published on her site which produces an RSS feed. We pick up her feed on Pittsburghsnews.com where she has enabled Tipit with her Pay Pal information. A reader does not have to be logged in to leave Elizabeth a tip. All they have to do is click the Tipit logo and enter an amount. That's it.

We pickup the Pittsburghsnews.com feed for our internal purposes and the Tipit and her content are in essence reproduced there. A user can again leave Elizabeth as tip or payment and has no reason to know that the feed is coming form Pittsburghsnews. The transaction is between the blogger and the user and the rest is as it should be — invisible.

Thank you Elizabeth.

elizabeth perry photo art



Record studios are sueing XM for unlicensed downloads. May 17, 2006

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From Billboardbiz

The major record companies have sued XM Satellite Radio over its XM + MP3 service claiming "massive wholesale infringement" of their recordings. The suit, filed today (May 16) in the federal District Court in New York, calls the service a "digital download" service that has not been properly licensed.

Why is Chronicnews ? What is Chronicnews? May 16, 2006

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This is the first of 4 posts regarding the Chronicnews network.


Chronicnews is a network of locally focused websites powered by blogs. In other words they are mostly written by local bloggers — aggregated continuously via RSS and Atom (XML-RPC) and displayed more or less automatically on the pages.

The software system is designed to help rather than supplant human editorial judgements and actions. Its purpose is to free humans from the endless pains in the ass associated with publishing anything but poetically web publishing. After over a year of fairly intense screwing around (often called development) it works more or less without too many bugs or strange occurrences.

The focus is on the content producers or bloggers. We've two primary principals

  • Create a rewarding environment for the content producers both in terms of recognition and remuneration. [NOTE: The next post will deal directly with the what and how of this.]
  • Create a product and interface for the end user that is uncomplicated, comfortable and enjoyable.


We like to stay up late and need something to do for 16 hours every day of the week including holidays.

Okay we actually believe in this and want to share some quick visuals. These graphs were borrowed from Google Trends which has the nifty feature of allow you to compare search terms over a long term.

We start with the old standby to get a calibration.

Good Vs. Evil

Some things to note here. Good seems to be making a strong comback from its lackluster performance over the last 7 .. cough.. cough years.

Now that we have our baseline lets move on to something relevant — blogs vs. books.Blog VS. Book

Notice the steady decline in books and nearly equal climb in blogs. It seems that what books lose, blogs gain.

Next up is my favorite.

Blog VS Sex
Notice how there is no relationship at all. However its interesting that people get horny around the holidays. Did you know that September and October are the biggest months for new babies? I'm making that up. But still its interesting to note that people seem to search what's on their minds and sex is always on their minds in one way or another.

Now for more in the department of no effect what so ever.
Blog VS. TV
Abosolutely nothing to report here. TV has nothing to worrry about in the short term I suspect.

Before you think blogs are not really effecting the traditional media take a look at this.

Blog Vs Paper
Opps.. looks like Knight Rider got out while the getting was good.

Its that last slide that makes us think these blogs might be around for a while.
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The Newspaper conglomerates think their readers are idiots May 6, 2006

Posted by Pontiff in lawyer speak, newspaper business, phillysnews.com, Pontification.
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We recieved an interesting letter from someone named Suzanne Mitchell Parillo who works for Philadelphia Newspapers, Inc which apparently owns "The Philadelphia Inquirer, the Philadelphia Daily News and its affiliate web site." It appears they have the Philadelphia news market cornered and are not going to stand for any foolishness from citizen's journalism or whatever its being called these days.

We have learned that your company recently began using the domain name
www.phillysnews.com in an apparent effort to divert users of the Web
Site to your web site. Your use of this domain name is an obvious
attempt to redirect our users to your site, and it is likely to cause
our readers to believe that PNI is the publisher of your web site, or
that PNI sponsors the content on your web site

Actually we didn't do what you describe here. We have a network of websites around the country that use the city nickname and then an 'S' to denote possessive case.

etc. and about 25 more like that

ect ect

The site www.phillysnews.com was setup just recently and is in keeping with this style and theme and has absolutely nothing to do with your newspaper.

You said:

As a business matter, PNI will not tolerate a situation in which a
third party deliberately diverts our readers to its web site. In this
case, our readers could be duped into thinking that your web site is
somehow affiliated with The Philadelphia Inquirer, the Philadelphia
Daily News, and www.philly.com.

Well as I explained it is not an attempt to do anything other than continue to roll out our sites in a theme consistent with the others. I'm a bit confused by your use of a redirect to another site anyway. In other words you use the domain but redirect it to you main site. Is that correct?

Can you explain how your readers will be fooled into thinking that our use of a name that is not similar in any way to your newspaper's actual name is an attempt to 'divert' them? In any event its not our intent.

We really don't want your readers to think we are part of your newspaper. Its the opposite of what we want to convey.

Just in case we can put up a disclaimer or clarification. If you would create wording that suits explaining that we are not affiliated with you we will gladly run it in such a way that it cannot be missed.

You said

Your use of multiple links to material
published in The Philadelphia Inquirer and the Philadelphia Daily News
reinforces that impression.

Can you be more specific?. The reason I ask is because we are a blog network and if the bloggers are actually doing something wrong we'll ask them to stop. If we are doing it editorially I will stop it immediately. I'm just not sure what you mean here. Is it the RSS? Are there actual posts by bloggers?

We have the bloggers permissions to use their feeds. However we don't know and can't control further than that. We do remove anything that is infringing and will comply if you can be more specific.We are a blog network and if the bloggers are actually doing something wrong we'll ask them to stop. If we are doing it editorially I will stop it immediately. I'm just not sure what you mean here. Is it the RSS? Are there actual posts by bloggers?

By the way this was the first time I saw this communication.

John Bransford