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Micropayment Mess in Clarksville February 12, 2006

Posted by Pontiff in micropayments, Pontification.

Micopayments are one of those Slashdot – ‘Web 2.0’ subjects that never die. Or so it seems. Acording to the Clarksville Leaf-Chronicle the FBI has taken an interest in one of the other [non Pay Pal] micropayment vendors after thousands of Stormpay customers complained they couldn’t access their money. Stormpay is based in Clarksville and untill now was one of the more viable competitors to Pay Pal.

The scoop is that Stormpay was probably acting in good faith when it froze the accounts of the customers of 12DailyPro.com which is a a web ponzi scheme of the pay for clicks variety.

According to Netcraft Stormpay has been under a constant DDos attack for the last few days.

“StormPay has been mentioned in recent news stories after it froze the payment processing account of 12daily-Pro.com, a controversial service that pays users to view Internet ads. 12daily-pro.com is under investigation by the FBI and SEC, according to a front-page story in today’s Wall Street Journal (subscription site). Many web hosting companies use Stormpay to process payments for recurring services, and its outages have been widely discussed this week on web hosting forums.”

So where are we now with Micropayments? It seems we’ve come so far and yet micropayments seem to be the golden goose that never lays and egg. Is Google going to ride to our rescue?

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