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Nashville Scene Get My Nomination For Pulitzer Prize with this piece February 9, 2006

Posted by Pontiff in Pontification.
Oral History
Tennessee adult film actress blows away an old record
by Jack Silverman
Fondly yours Summer Nyte (pictured with Ron Jeremy) wants you

You may not read about it in the Guinness book, but, on April 1, 2005, a new world record was set in Nashville when adult film actress Summer Nyte had oral sex with 249 men in a 14-hour period. The entire event, which was hosted by porn star Ron Jeremy, was filmed for a DVD. We couldn’t help but wonder what would drive someone to such an infamous feat, so Scene writer Jack Silverman spoke with Summer, who lives in East Tennessee, and got the lowdown.

FULL STORY HERE. btw it gets better and Silverman does ask some good questions..Okay he askes the questions I would be embarrassed to ask but really want to know so he did the best he could with a …er slippery subject. I mean..look. I didn’t know this happend here. I’m going to wait a few years and tell my daughter when she turns 15 to show here what a cool town Nashville is and all the great stuff happening here. cough… cough.. ummm



1. loving wife - February 17, 2006

your daughter probably allready read this- being how it is posted on your blog…. good job!

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