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General opinions regarding Nashville usability February 3, 2006

Posted by Pontiff in city planning, Government & Politics, nashville, NashvillesNews.net, Pontification, Urban Planning.

I made a detailed and through study of the general opinions or user satisfaction levels with Nashvilles general user interface quality.


I’m talking about stuff like street crossings and rolling carts in airports and sidewalks. My detailed and double, no triple blind study only concerned passive structural non service related stuff . Anything to do with services and such could set off the blogosphere and I’ll find myself having to field comments in which I’m accused of being communist, socialist or worst of all an urban planning enthusiast. Aside from finding it odd that urban planning is seen in terms of left / right ideology (it cost money therefore you are pro tax — ergo — you are a liberal communist socialist urban planning drug using pro-choice pro-crime….blah blah blah ) I’m sick of reading crap written on either side of the political fence that has nothing to do with liberal or conservative. So there. Please shut up I’ve got a headache now.

Also I’m lying my ass off about the study being scientific. I’ve only asked three people and I chose them because they were in my gym and I was bored, they were there and it was a slow news day.

However I was very careful not to show any bias when I designed my questionnaire which I delivered verbally.

  • What do you think of Nashville’s general usability?
  • If you didn’t know your way around or just landed from wherever do you think there is a general sensitivity and demonstrative concern for your comfort etc. ?
  • Is this city really built in a tradition of southern hospitality or is it in fact an example of urban hell visited upon us by bureaucratic clownishness and slick bubas who are as we have seen all to often in local politics to illegally line their own pockets or get laid?

We’re still tabulating the results and massaging the numbers to come up with a reasonable cover story.



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