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Nashville Scene’s Source Questioned January 19, 2006

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The much improved Nashville Scene website is running a story about the …'[l]ocal assistant U.S. attorney’s explosive Justice Department allegations ‘…

The seven-page document reads like the screenplay for Scarface, had it been written by a Justice Department attorney instead of Oliver Stone. U.S. Drug Enforcement agents in Bogotá, Colombia, help local drug lords traffic narcotics.

This piece in the Narcosphere — the blog for The Narco News Bulletin — gives allot of further background if you’re interested.

It also calls into the question the believability of the unnamed source behind the allegations. Its interesting to read both the Scene’s take and that of the Narcosphere. Note that they are not questioning the Scene reporter’s, John Spragens, veracity here only the intentions and motivations behind the unnamed source. If you read the comments you’ll see Spragens writes the author to thank him for finding one error of fact (a date).

Be warned that this is complicated and I had to read it a few times to make sense of what is being said. My take it is yet again another example of the futility and morally questionable nature of our so called war on drugs.

The war is of course not against ‘drugs’ but the people who use, traffic, cultivate or are involved with any of the above This means that its a war against a sizable portion of this countries population waged by a class of ‘legal czars’ who offer up their noble purpose to justify actions that sometime don’t seem very justifiable.

I for one think most of these people are protecting their power , jobs or both and don’t think it through beyond those ends. Further a climate of fear creates an eviroment in which people are scared to question whether these ends are justifed or the purpose really noble to begin with — not to risk comming off as ‘pro drug’ which is like saying if your are against the war in Iraq you are pro terror. I don’t believe they even know what the ends are and lost sight of the purpose a long time ago.



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