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Got a call from Bellsouth December 21, 2005

Posted by Pontiff in Bellsouth, Companies headed south.

NOTE: More on Bellsouth can be found  here.

It was from the Office of the President no less. Who said no one but bloggers reads blogs? Maybe it was from the investor relations question I asked but I don’t know how a question about their lack of technical competence would end up at the Office of The President of Bellsouth.net (the internet division of Bellsouth I think).

We’re not talking about the customer relations part of Bellsouth for they don’t have that. I’m sure they have a dept. Probably it’s a door with a sign appearing to lead somewhere but in reality there isn’t anyone there who considers it their job to think about such stuff.

In a nutshell that is what the office of the president tried to do with me. Show me a door with a sign to prove they care.

In fairness the Gentleman who called, Ryan Overfelt, is very courteous sounding on the phone. In fact he called twice because I was tied up and couldn’t call for a few days. This actually shows that they care which is A. surprising and B. the first step to doing something. Maybe I’m wrong and only Ryan cares while the management and most of the company could care less.

I care too. As much as I think they are in need of a near total top to bottom management change I would like to see Bellsouth mount a creditable and formidable attempt to compete in the networked world — cable , phone, internet. I would like to see more than one provider of these things in Nashville but as things are going now it appears we will have only Comcast soon. I’m now convinced of that.

It’s not a good sign when an Executive Resolutions Manager for your Broadband and Internet Services Group doesn’t have an email address. Well he may have one but it’s not on the stationary and he didn’t give it in either of the messages. You see this means that either he doesn’t have one or he doesn’t use it or he doesn’t consider that many of us use it and rely on it to save time and streamline our daily mountain of tasks. By not supplying one he made it obligatory that I call. I of course over thought things and believed this meant I was going to hear something good or that they were coming to the area and he wanted to deliver the news.

But then I got a letter. Note that it wasn’t an email even though I left my email address with the original question. It’s the letter I’m looking at right now that gives me both a toll free and direct number to call. He says he tried to call three times and in fact he did. Thank you Ryan.

He goes on to say that “Bellsouth is currently not able to provide your residence with FastAccess DSL services due to the lack of facilities that are needed to provide working DSL services.”

I know that. I knew that when I made the inquiry. I pointed that out. My question however still stands. “I’m wondering if this is a system wide problem or if we are an isolated instance where you cannot provide DSL.” Remember I was trying to analyze their prospects over the next 5 years from the standpoint of a possible investor. So that’s the answer if you are thinking about investing in Bellsouth. They have no chance at all. They have a “lack of facilities that are needed to provide working DSL services.”



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